The audiovisual (AV) industry has been helping people communicate for nearly a century. Today's technology includes videoconferencing, command-and-control rooms, video walls, stadium screens, and more. Blending the worlds of art and science, the people who design, install, and manage AV systems earn an excellent living, and work in a dynamic and challenging field.

InfoComm International has been the trade association representing the AV Industry since 1939. InfoComm's three-pronged commitment to professionalism - extensive AV education, accredited certifications, and standard's development - offers the most comprehensive education and certification programs in the industry.

While the way the world communicates changes each day, the way people see and hear does not. CTS professionals have the expertise to adapt to these communication needs from the business and technical perspectives. CTS holders represent business owners, project managers, sales, design, and technical professionals who provide solutions to communication challenges.